As a supplier of logistic services we are aware of our responsibility for the environment, therefore we always realize our services and activities with the greatest care to protect the natural environment.

All our trucks meet the environmental standards (EURO 6).

Worn vehicle parts (tyres, oils) are stored accordingly and disposed of by certified companies.

Thanks to a modern fleet of vehicles, their general condition has a significant influence on the reduction of environmental pollution.

We transport goods in accordance with the applicable directives. Our first priority is always the health of people and the safety of the environment.

We use AdBlue, which reduces the emission of nitrogen oxide.

All transport orders are continuously optimized. On the one hand they reduce the freight costs of our customers, on the other hand it is connected with an optimized fuel reduction.

The company also implements the replacement of industrial lighting in the service halls, we are gradually using LED diodes. The LED technology is environmentally friendly, no mercury is used and the life span is long, as the bulbs can even last 20 years.

Service personnel as well as drivers and office staff are regularly trained in environmental protection.

We organize the selective collection of worn-out printer cartridges, batteries.


  • Modern fixed fleet of vehicles

  • Optimized freight routes

  • Highest durability

  • Environmentally friendly / all vehicles Euro 6

  • Use of drivers with many years of experience

  • Environmentally friendly company

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